Cooling Off When Temper-atures Rise

Summer schedules call for a change in routine.

Often times this change creates stress and tension. Entertaining kids, overloading at work to prepare for a vacation, and opening your home to visitors have the potential to zap your energy and ignite an emotional outburst.

When this happens, you might seek out remedies to “cool off” and check out, such as that third glass of wine or the pint of ice cream.  My friend Kathrine Lee of calls these choices “stress boomerangs”. Meaning, the wine and ice cream may serve to calm you down in the moment, but in the end, they cause more stress because you feel yucky and you know these choices aren’t aligned with your health goals.

A healthy alternative is to have a list of things you can do to cool the temper and ignite your positive energy.  Here are a few ideas:

•    Go for a walk with your dog, a friend or your family.
•    Find a quiet place in your backyard to sit, close your eyes, and take 30 deep breaths.
•    Call a friend or partner, and ask permission to “download” for five minutes (anything longer is a stress boomerang).
•    Write a letter to a friend focusing on all the good things that are happening in your life.
•    Listen to your favorite music really loud, or download some new songs to your computer.
•    Stop what you’re doing, and see if your stress is caused by multi-tasking. If so, choose one thing to work on, and save the other tasks for another time. When I focus on spending time with my kids, rather than trying to juggle work with their needs, the stress immediately falls away.

These are just a few.  Take some time today to come up with your own list and see if just by making the list, your tensions ease and you get into a place of creative thinking.

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