Desire Breeds Urgency

“I must get it done, or else!”
Ever felt this?

The clock ticking, tasks building, and the fear that the day will escape.

The stress of this situation can stop us in our tracks. We get so caught up in the deadlines and the urgency of the tasks, that we forget the passion that let us toward the job in the first place.

The tragedy is that when we lose sight of the bigger picture, and get bogged down by the tasks, we likely won’t complete the job.

So what if you could re-frame the picture?

Take this quote from one of my favorite business gurus of all time, Jim Rohn:

“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses it’s value”.

I love that he puts grace and meaning back into urgency. The reason you feel the intensity is because the job means something to you. It’s part of a bigger picture, a vision, the dream.
If you were just moving through your day with a ho-hum attitude, then the job is just a job. It’s probably not something that’s interesting or compelling enough to lead you toward the bigger WHY.

So be okay with urgency, and know that success comes from living into time-driven days.  Replace the words “fear”, “doubt”, and “can’t” with, “It will be done”.

Because you are an amazing human being with no limitations.

Have a wonderful day ~

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