Quick Veggie Pizza – as seen on The Everyday Show

Quick Veggie Pizza

This is a super simple way to redeem a frozen pizza and make it more nutritious for a quick meal after kids’ sporting events.


Amy’s brand or other natural-brand pizza – best to choose cheese and add your own toppings, rather than buying into all the fat found in pepperoni pizza.

Topping Ideas:

Sliced mushrooms

Small broccoli florets

Halved cherry tomatoes

Baby spinach leaves

Sliced sweet red peppers

Small asparagus spears

Sliced sweet red onion

Slice black olives

Any leftover protein: i.e. grilled chicken or shrimp

Remove the pizza from packaging, and follow directions for warming the oven. Place your chosen ingredients on top of the pizza, and stick in the oven. Bake per the directions on the box. The pizza will be nicely cooked, and the veggies will be cooked but not overdone, so they’ll still hold their flavor.

Stick to two pieces of pizza per person to be mindful of portions. If this isn’t enough to satisfy big appetites, then add fruit ~ i.e. grapes, strawberries, sliced apples ~ or a quick green salad as a side. This will keep you from loading up on several pieces of pizza.

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