Julie’s Blog: My friend Katherine
A dear friend of mine passed away last week.

It’s sad for all of us who knew her, as she left us way too young, too soon.

Katherine was loved beyond measure.

All our friends will tell a story about her profound impact on our lives. We’ll be able to recount hundreds of times where she sent a kind note, a bouquet of flowers, or left a hilarious voicemail to brighten our day.  Many of us remember how she introduced us to our closest friends, never wanting to single out, and always knowing people could serve one another. It was remarkable. She had enormous amounts of love to share, and I believe to my very core, that God put her on this planet to make those connections.

As I look at Katherine’s life, I’m still grappling to find some resolve. So I will start here: Life will challenge us. Every day we’re reminded that we’re sentient beings have a human experience. With that comes fear, joy, regret, fortune, praise, failure, glory. It’s all one big package. And just being here means you’re special. Often times, we forget.

I’m leaving tonight for a business trip to California. I return late Monday, and the next morning fly out to Kate’s funeral. With that, I’m not going to write a long blog today, but want to leave you with a few reminders. I feel compelled to share these, and will be reflective on these as I celebrate Kate’s life.


When you feel lonely, you’re never alone. When you feel flawed, you’re a perfect creation. When you’re wanting, find peace in having exactly what you need. Time is an asset, so treat it as such. Friends and family serve. You are a blessing. You are a gift. You are here for a reason. Find what that is, and rejoice that YOU were chosen to do that one thing. Kate was chosen. I am happy to have been part of her plan.

By the way…one of my last memories of Kate was on a girls’ trip to Sonoma Valley, when she was enjoying a fabulous chocolate dessert. So tonight, in her memory, I’m eating a lovely piece of vegan chocolate cake that my mom brought over for Andrew and me.  Possibly you can indulge a bit tonight, on whatever that is, and savor the wonderful memories of our loved ones.
Wishing all of you a loving week!

In gratitude,

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