Julie’s Blog: Cake, birthdays and adventure

Today my son Max turned 10.

I remember him eating cake on his first birthday. He’d never had anything sweet up until that moment, and yet he went straight into the frosting, face first, no hands. He looked up with surprise, licked his lips, and went straight back in.

What I find so interesting is that the frosting was white (I didn’t add food coloring), and the cake didn’t have any special decorations or sprinkles, nothing colorful to draw him in. Yet he dove in face-first.  For all he knew that could have been mashed potatoes on his cake, and he never went in face-first with his mashed potatoes.

So why face-first with the cake? Here’s what I think.

There’s something about cake and birthdays. I don’t know…I guess the two just beg adventure, celebration and the reckless abandon of trying something new. It’s the excitement of what lies ahead, with the grounding nature of tradition. It’s about looking forward, while savoring a special moment. Maybe it’s just the simple joy of white frosting!

Tonight we’ll celebrate with Max, who has asked for Pad Thai and strawberry ice cream for his birthday dinner. He decided he didn’t actually like cake on his 2nd birthday. My hope for Max, and both of our boys, is that they spend the next 10 years in that exploring nature they had on their first birthdays.

This morning Max said to me, “Mom, people think that 10 years is not very much, that it’s kind of short. I think that’s a lot of years, don’t you?”

What do you think? What’s happened in your life in the past 10 years, and what do you dream about 10 years from now? I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment.

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4 Responses to “Julie’s Blog: Cake, birthdays and adventure”

  1. Karen Myles says:

    Just wanted you to know I love your e-mails! Very poignant and informational:)

  2. Tana says:

    It’s funny because I was journaling recently and I realized that I am about to celebrate 10 years of marriage, the same anniversary that helped end my previous marriage. Yet nothing about the two decades seem the same. The first decade seemed endless. Filled with arguments and tension, but so much more partying, concerts and socializing.

    My current decade has flown by. I know in part this comes with age, but I also know that the happiness of a true partner in life and two thriving children plays a greater part in the presence of time. We rarely party, socialize or go to concerts – generally considered “fun”. We spend our time quietly in the everydayness of life We have a routine that includes homework, homecooked meals,storytime and then grown-up time. It sounds so tedious. But in reality being around people who really care about each other, helping one another thrive, this is what makes my time really fly by.

  3. 10 years…exciting and congrats! I agree Tana, I find such joy in the day-to-day routine of it all…just like you’re saying. Some of my favorite moments are sitting at the dinner table, or watching a movie together, or even making the boys’ lunches in the morning. I am so excited each day to get up and just be in life with my family and friends. Even during the tough times, when life presents challenges, I experience such a calm knowing that I have so much love in my life. Thank you so much for sharing! Your words are affirming and I can just feel your joy and contentment. Have a blessed day!

  4. Thank you Karen! I’m happy that you’re getting so much out of the blogs…that inspires me. Have a wonderful day!

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