Julie’s Blog: “Confide” is embedded in confidence

Here’s a thought:  Confident people are those who confide.

Think about that for a moment. Doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive?

When we think of confident people, we imagine they have it all figured out…that they can handle things on their own..that the mere act of reaching out is a sign of weakness. But it’s actually the opposite.

People who have confidence, are the first to confide in others. They recognize their frailties, not as a victim, but as part of their basic humanness.

So if you’re sitting in a place of fear or judgement because you’re “strong” and you “should have it all figured out”, think again. The most valiant thing you can do right now is reach out, call a friend, send an email, pose a question. Ask for a prayer. You may just be met with a life-giving outcome…confident people asking for help in return.

Julie Hammerstein is a Certified Nutritionist and one of the country’s leading weight-loss experts. She is a sought after coach and speaker, author of Fat is Not a Four-Letter Word, and Director of The Source for Weight Loss. Her motto is “Small Change, Big Impact” – it’s not about overhauling your life…it’s the small changes, done with intention everyday, that lead to the big impact results. To learn more about Julie and her programs, please visit www.juliehammerstein.com.


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