Julie’s Blog: Cut the tether

Imagine yourself standing, facing your big, huge, wonderful future.

Now imagine you have a tether around your waist, and there’s a clip on the back of the tether. The clip is attached to a short rope that connects you to your past, to your struggle. You are trying to walk into your future, yet the tether keeps pulling you back. You pull and pull as you try to walk forward, yet you keep getting pulled back to the struggle.

Now I want you to reach around, and un-clip the tether.

There you go. You’ve been released. You may fall forward as the tension goes, and that’s okay. Because you’re falling into your future, and that’s what you want. So stand up, and feel the freedom. Notice the relief. Take that first step without the pull and resistance of all those things that were holding you back.

Whew, let out a deep breath. Now, how does it feel to be free?

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  1. Your visuals are outstanding. Thank you.

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