Julie’s Blog: Finding enjoyment in others

Today is Day 26 of my 40-Day sugar fast.

I’m feeling really good about the process. I’ve only deviated once. I was on an airplane coming back from California, and for some reason, I started to cough and couldn’t stop. Dry air or something. I kept drinking water and clearing my throat and nothing was helping. So I looked in my purse knowing there were some Altoids, and then remembered that I took the Altoids out of my purse when I started the fast. Dang! Oh wait…I was in luck. There at the bottom of my bag was a lone Altoid…I know, gross, but I grabbed it. I knew that if I had something to suck on, the coughing would stop. So I ate the Altoid, and found relief. I gave myself a break, given this seemed like the best solution in the moment. What do you think?

Okay, admissions aside, here’s where I’ve really found pleasure during my sugar fast. The other night Max and Andrew had a couple scoops of strawberry ice cream for Max’s birthday. I noticed that rather than focusing on my will and my commitment (which can often lead to feelings of deprivation) I found myself enjoying their experience just by watching their faces and delight.  It was so cool! What started as a mild craving and ‘poor me’ around the ice cream, turned into a completely different experience as I peacefully watched Max enjoy one of his favorite treats.

Last night I was out with a bunch of family members…we went to The Kitchen in downtown Denver, which I highly recommend. I had a beautiful dinner, and then everyone ordered desserts to share. Once again, I felt myself feeling a tinge of “Oh man, this is such a bummer”, until I started watching everyone’s interaction and enjoyment as they traded desserts.  I focused on the smiles, the oooh’s and ahhh’s and the bond that was created over savoring and celebrating these incredible desserts. In an instant I completely forgot about what I was giving up, and I felt a sense of calm and gratitude for the incredible people sitting around me. Love for my family outweighed my love for the sugary treats.

This reminded me to bring the Life Area of Relationship in as often as possible when you’re making a change in your life. When you take something out of your life – i.e. sugar, alcohol, coffee, TV, a partner  – it’s so important to be intentional about replacing it with something positive. Negative thoughts and practices can come in very quickly if you don’t bring in something that aids you. Watching my gorgeous family laugh and enjoy the night was so gratifying that I forgot all about what I was giving up.

Other Life Areas to focus on can include Spirituality & Faith, Movement, or Service & Giving Back. We’ll focus on these next month when we shift our theme from “Letting Go”, to “Calling In”.

Where do you stand with your Relationships? How are they serving you in your health journey? How can you be more high-noticing around your relationships this week? Please share your comments and experiences below.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. Deborah says:

    Julie, someone said that loving people love, which I take to mean that loving people are able to celebrate other people’s joy with natural, full hearts. By this definition, you are a truly loving person!

    As for me, I am thankful that my partner has succeeded in creating a lifestyle that supports his health–intellectual, nutritional, physical, spiritual–and actively encourages these in my life. It has been so positive for me! We have a partnership, not a regimen, not mutual tolerance.

    There are things I should be doing more proactively for myself, for my own well-being, and I appreciate your openness and insight, as you inspire me to think about how best to overcome mental obstacles, and to reach out to life fully.

    Two scoops of strawberry love!–Deborah

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