Julie’s Blog: Relax into the surrender

I had a lovely interaction with a dear friend going through some life changes.

As she shard her story, I was struck by her calm demeanor and the relaxed attitude she has about letting go. It was remarkable to watch, and I felt at peace just being in her presence. Possibly it was the connection of two middle-aged women relating to the natural ebbs and flows of life, asking ourselves, “What are we here to learn?”, “Who are we supposed to be?”…”What’s next?”.

But I think it was more than that.

I believe we were both meant to see, and affirm, that life gives us opportunities to surrender – to give ourselves over, completely, to something beyond our human understanding. In my faith-base, I know this as God’s plan. Your belief system may be different. I think we can all agree there are factors outside of our control, and the more we fight it, the more we suffer.

This sugar-fast is teaching me to give in to the uncomfortable moments. To relax, rather than manipulate. To feel, rather than talk. To notice, instead of avoid. To refocus and not engage. What an incredible teacher!

What I saw in my friend today was the same. Learning as the end to her suffering. Interesting this should come in the wake of her struggles. I experienced her as liberated, relaxed, comfortable and unattached to the outcome. Letting go is bringing her so much. As a result, she’s ready for the next set of opportunities…and with that, will be more surrender.

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