Julie’s Blog: Three provoking questions

Welcome to my March blog-series entitled “Calling In”.

Last month we focused on Letting Go, and the self-discovery that comes when we surrender to what is. I also shed light on the attachments we have (to food, people, things, etc.) and how, despite their coziness, some things just don’t support our health and well-being. Thank you for participating and sharing in that exploration!

This month, I’d like to focus on how to effectively ask for what you want. I know…this can be really difficult.  If you’re like me, you feel comfortable asking in certain areas of your life, but not in others. Possibly asking comes easy, but you’re forgetting to align those desires/requests with your core values. Maybe it’s just that you keep asking, but you’re impatient with the delivery. It’s all normal.

With that, I’m encouraging you to open your heart and mind to a new set of discoveries.  I’ll be here with you, riding the waves, and sharing my system for living that has served my journey and thousands of others’.

To start, I want you to spend time tonight, or within 24 hours, responding to three questions:

1) What am I worth?
2) What do I stand for?
3) What is stopping me?

Write your answers down in a journal, your iPhone or anywhere besides keeping the answers in your head. Then just put it aside, and we’ll dive in tomorrow.

In my coaching and in The Source for Weight Loss I talk about Living Out Loud, and the miracles that come when you share your dreams and thoughts with others. So when you get your answers, and you feel comfortable sharing and getting support from others, please share them below.

Let’s launch and get ready for incredible openings this month!


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