Julie’s Blog: Time to change committees

Are you your own rejection committee?

I heard that term a few years ago when reading a blog by business guru and thought-leader Seth Godin.

Being your own rejection committee means that before you ask questions or explore a situation, you predict the answer is “no”. It can also mean that you speak for other people or discount opportunities assuming, again, the answer is “no”.

Sound familiar?

When we live in rejecting before experiencing, we use language like “If only”, or “Someday”, or “I know”.

This is language that converts ideas into impossibility.

Rather, when you use language like “What if?” or “Let’s find out”, or “I’m open”, you create an environment of possibility and a belief that what you want is available to you.

In The Source for Weight Loss, I talk about the Life Area of Curiosity & Learning as a way to shift our focus from doubt, procrastination and fear. It’s an incredibly effective tool that opens doors in your life that were otherwise closed. Like this:

“What if I were to lose 10 lbs. by walking 30 minutes per day?”
“If only I had a body like my lucky friend”.


“I’m open to going to that talk so that I can learn more about nutrition and my health.”
“I know all that stuff and being healthy is just inconvenient and hard.”


” Let’s find out if he’s interested and let him decide.”
“Someday he’ll come around so I won’t bother him.”

Do you see the difference?

This week, take time to look at your rejection-committee ideas and statements – all the What If’s, Somedays, and I Knows. Then turn them into positive statements and join the possibility committee! You’ll be amazed at how your mood and energy softens and shifts, and opens you up to what we’ll discuss next week, which is Question #2 in the series ~ “What do I stand for? “.

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