Julie’s Blog: Time to realign
The next time you’re driving your car down a straight road, let go of the wheel a little and see what happens. Does the car continue to go straight, or do you feel it pulling to one side? If it continues straight, then you know your car is properly aligned.  If your car pulls to one side, in another direction, then you know it’s time for a tune up.

The same goes with life.

When we fail to get personal tune-ups, and our daily actions aren’t aligned with what we value, we naturally get pulled in directions that lead us off our desired path.

Which leads us to Question #2 in our Calling In Series:

“What do I stand for?”

So what does this question mean, and how does it relate to alignment?

We all have traits, qualities, and principles that we not only find worthwhile, but that dictate the way we view the world. These are called “core values”- central guiding principles that serve as the compass for our lives. These core values conjure up emotion, and we feel the need to protect them.  If you were to make a puzzle of your life, your core values would be the four corners and edges that hold the puzzle together.

Simply stated, your core values are what you stand for.

A few of my core values are God, Family, Health, Excellence and Self-Love. These core values shape my world – they dictate how I spend my time, who I choose as friends and partners, where I put my emotional energy, and how I design my dreams and aspirations – the how, when, who, where and what I Call In to my life.

But you know what? I’m not perfect.  I get out of alignment with my core values like we all do.  How do I know when this is happening?  When I experience suffering and discontent.  You see, when our actions aren’t aligned with our core values, we feel the pain deep inside. It may feel like stress or confusion, or maybe you feel victimized. But really, it’s just that we’re making decisions that don’t protect what we stand for.

For example, if one of your core values is Family, and you continue to take jobs that keep you traveling away from your family,  then you will feel that personal insult every time you board the plane. Or possibly your core value is Peace, but you keep over-committing yourself, and then feel angry when you get called to yet another PTA meeting. Maybe you stand for Health, yet make choices to overeat and feel the shame of that action. We try to talk ourselves out of these behaviors, but that’s usually ineffective.  It only works when we vigilantly remind ourselves what we stand for, and use that as the starting point.

On the paths we’ve chosen, we’re going to get out of alignment. Just like the car wheel that pulls to the left or right, we’ll get red flags reminding us that it’s time for a service. Know that realignment is available to you. You can always check in and take a new stand. Notice the signals. And when you feel pulled in the wrong direction, just stop, pull over, and realign.

You’ll increase your miles, you’ll appreciate the journey and you’ll have a safer, happier drive.

I always welcome your comments below.

5 Responses to “Julie’s Blog: Time to realign”


    Thanks, Julie, that was right on, a great analogy and a superb reminder I’m so many facets of our lives!

  2. Brilliant reminder and visual, Julie. This is one to print out and look at frequently! Thank you.

  3. Donna says:

    I am loving your daily blog Julie! So much beautiful and provoking thoughts that keep me thinking, on tract, and inspired. Thanks for the hard work you put into it. Making a difference in my life!

  4. Thank you for sharing Donna…this makes my day! So happy to be a part of your life, and feel blessed to have your friendship. I’m glad the blogs are speaking to you and keeping you aligned. They are equally healing for me, so it works out nicely. ;) Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully I’ll see you soon. Warmly, Julie

  5. I’m so glad this resonated with you! I hope this also helps you see that getting out of alignment is normal and renewal can be a planned event. Enjoy your day!

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