Julie’s Blog: What’s in Tow?

Thank you to my wonderful husband for his heart-felt, humorous and helpful blog yesterday. You can see why I married him!

I asked Andrew to write yesterday, not only because I was without internet, but because we’re committed to the journey of living a passionate and purpose-filled life. Sometimes that flows like honey, and sometimes we get caught in the nest of Fear, Stress, Negative Self-Talk and Procrastination…just a few of the Challenge Areas that I illuminate in my class, The Source for Weight Loss.

These challenges are normal…and just like the bees, they serve a purpose. They remind us to pay attention, to get uncomfortable, and to take risks. Because without this, we don’t grow.

But what happens when we get stuck in fear? Well, most self-help books give you reasons not to be afraid. What they don’t provide is a system for living that allows you to access actions steps that IMMEDIATELY shift your focus away from the challenge areas into something more life-giving.

Which brings us to the Life Area of Passion & Purpose.

Often times we think the choices we’re making are the ‘right’ ones. This is what we’re supposed to do because we’re responsible. We need to provide, or care, or this is how it’s always been done.

But let me ask you…do those choices fire you up? Do you wake up every day, plant your feet on the ground and solidly say, “I can’t wait to do what I do!”. You may be thinking, “Yes, I actually do. I really love what my day brings”, and for that we are both thankful.

If that’s not you, that’s okay. You’ve made choices with good intentions. But good intentions don’t always lead to remarkable lives. And you, my friend, deserve a remarkable life.

How does all this relate to your health? Directly. Living a passionate and purposeful life has a direct impact on avoiding risk for disease caused by stress. It directly affects the choices you make around food, sleep and moving your body. It has everything to do with your daily choices and how YOU impact the planet.

Getting curious?


Then you won’t want to miss “Releasing the Weight, Gaining Your Life” – my FREE 30-minute Tele-Class on how living a passionate and purpose-filled life directly impacts weight loss, your health, and anything that is weighing you down! In this 30-minute call you will learn how to identify your core values and immediately translate them into daily action steps that will transform your health, your thinking and your life. Here are the details:

When: Thursday, April 4th, 2013 – 7pm Mountain Time (adjust for your time zone)
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All you need to do is dial the above number, punch in the access code, and listen in. Please feel free to invite friends by passing on the info.

Until then, here’s thought I have for you:

When you think you’re doing good,
But life is moving slow
Just take a look behind,
And see what you have in tow.

If what you have in tow is weighing you down, then you’ll want to be on the call!

See you tomorrow with a delicious Friday recipe, and of course I always welcome your comments below..

One Response to “Julie’s Blog: What’s in Tow?”

  1. Jim Nariel says:

    Love to be that positive and sometimes I am and sometimes not. I suppose we strive to be perfect but don’t quite hit the mark

    I think the key is the prep and planning.

    A goal for your weight loss – which needs to be reviewed regulary
    A plan to get there – plans can change but goals remain
    Put in the action for your plan

    That really goes for life but especially true for a fat loss journey

    All the best


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