Julie’s Blog: Saturday Blog-Share – The Linus Effect

I come across some incredible blogs.

When I read one and it speaks to me, I feel compelled to share it with you.

So I’ve decided that every Saturday I will intentionally draw in conversation around a particular blog, give my viewpoint, and ask for yours as it relates to our weekly or monthly themes.

This week I was reading a blog from my friend Andrea Constantine, a celebrated author, coach and host of Community Talk TV. I was specifically drawn in by her interview with Karen Loucks, the Founder of Project Linus, an international non-profit that provides security blankets to children in need.

Karen has a passion for making a difference and builds her message on the Linus Effect Philosophy:
L – Live with Purpose
I – Invest in Others
N – Never say Never
U – Undertake something Bold
S – Start Now!

What I love about the LINUS Effect is that it has it’s home in making a difference and inspiring others, yet it’s rooted in where you decide to take the first step. The LINUS Effect can be the perfect antidote to moving away from the Challenge Areas of Toxic Food, Negative Self Talk and Procrastination, and into a more life-giving focus. So I ask that you watch this 6-minute interview with Karen (thank you Andrea!), and then consider for yourself…which letter of the LINUS Effect will you start with today?

Please feel inspired to share your commitment with others in the Comments below. Mine is Start Now!

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