Julie’s Blog: Who says?


When numbers start to dictate your self-worth, it’s time to re-set the goal.

If you think success is getting 10 out of 10, and you do the work as such, what happens when you get 2 out of 10?

Would you agree that your personal value shifts?

But what if you worked like the goal was 10, and then found out that the real goal was 2? What a surprise to learn that you reached your goal! What would happen to your personal value then?

You see, when the numbers on a scale, or in your bank account or on a test start to determine your success, you begin to define yourself on a standard. But really, who says? Who gets to decide what makes you good or bad? It’s during these times that I remind my clients, and myself, of this very important rule:

Life, and you, are much more than a set of standards.

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