Julie’s Blog: Hiding behind deception



When you don’t balance your checkbook, you have less money in the bank than you think you do. Or possibly more.

When you “forget” to log your food intake, you’re eating less during the day than you think you are. Or possibly more.

If you fail to write down how many people you’ve called, you may be less behind than you think you are. Or possibly more.

Numbers don’t lie, which is why we don’t want to know what they are. Knowing the truth means that we might be called to change. The tricky part is that when you deceive yourself in one area of your life, you naturally start doing it in others. We train the brain to be okay with blurry.

So an important development in personal growth is when you become truthful with your tracking. Illuminate the numbers rather than hiding behind a made up story. When you see that numbers are useful, rather than ugly reminders of what you don’t have, you’ll start making adjustments to your behavior.  These adjustments change your story.

Be happy when your negative patterns bubble to the surface! Trust me, we don’t want to see them, so we keep them hidden behind the unbalanced checkbook. It may be painful, it’s always uncomfortable, but seeing things for what they are is the only way you’ll break free from what’s keeping you stuck.

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