Getting The Job Done

If you’re like me, you like doing things on your own.

You enjoy being independent, and feel comfortable getting the job done.

This can be a valuable trait when you need to step into situations that require independent thinking – like using your imagination for a project, coming up with a list of things to do, or feeling confident in safety skills that keep you out of harm’s way.

But how is being independent, and doing it all on your own, supporting your health?

Do you ever lay awake at night trying to solve the world’s problems? Do you feel resentful when everyone in the family gets to workout except for you? How does it feel when you can’t eat a healthy meal because there’s too much work to be done?

Part of the answer lies in making health a priority. When you do that, you’ll put things like exercise, shopping, resting, playing, prayer, cooking, etc. towards the top of your list.

But let’s say you’ve done that. Let’s say you’ve made health essential in your life, and you still can’t get the job done. You’re applying all the tactics you’re familiar with – brainstorming, thinking, planning, doing, maneuvering – so why the struggle?

I can relate. I do it all the time in certain areas of my life. I take it all on, do things the same ol’ way, and wonder why there’s no change. But you know what I learned? We’re  missing a critical step. One that feels foreign and weak, yet it could actually save your life. You know what that is?

Asking for help.

This is one of the best Small Change, Big Impact changes you can make if you’re bent on doing things by yourself. Know this…it’s impossible to get it all done without asking others to participate in your journey! Building TEAM is critical to your success and the Life Area of Relationships become the positive focus you can embrace rather than letting the spiral of stress, procrastination and fear drag you down.

So ask your husband if he’ll drive the kids to school one day a week…not every day, just one. That would give you one extra day for the Life Area of Movement. Send an email to your friends asking them to shoot you over their favorite, healthy recipe. With all those friends, you’ll have enough recipes to lessen the burden of coming up with your own and you can tap into the Life Area of Nutrition & Water. Ask your employer if she can help with your goals by letting you leave work an hour early two days a week. This will give you enough time to grocery shop, or spend quiet time outdoors in Rest & Relaxation (a Life Area that I depend on!).

When I was writing my book my mom offered to run all my errands. My knee-jerk reaction was, “Thanks so much mom, but that’s a lot for you to do, and I’ve got it covered.” But I didn’t have it covered. I realized that letting her help me was a gift to both of us, and a critical component to successfully completing my book.

Let yourself be helped. The successful people do. That’s when you really get the job done.

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