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Getting The Job Done
If you're like me, you like doing things on your own.

You enjoy being independent, and feel comfortable getting the job done.

This can be a valuable trait when you need to step into situations that require independent
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When you don't balance your checkbook, you have less money in the bank than you think you do. Or possibly more.

When you "forget" to log your food intake, you're eating less during the
Julie’s Blog: Naturally occurring cycles
Sometimes we can't break the cycle, completely.

So when a frustrating event comes up in your life, AGAIN, consider this:

Are you mad at the event itself, or are you mad that it's coming up again? 

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When numbers start to dictate your self-worth, it's time to re-set the goal.

If you think success is getting 10 out of 10, and you do the work as such, what happens when you get 2