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Guest Blog: The Importance of Weight Loss When You Work in an Office

Contributed by Lisa Plum

How often have you eaten a snack without thinking about it?

How often has this happened when you've been sat at your desk?

Office workers are one of the groups
Coconut Broccoli Slaw Stir Fry as seen on The Everyday Show
This recipe couldn't be more simple, and kids love it! You can serve it over brown rice, or make the stir fry, chill it, and serve it as a side salad tossed with your favorite salad dressing.


Almond Ginger Dip as seen on The Everday Show
This is a delicious dip that uses heart-healthy fats along with creamy Greek yogurt and low-fat salad dressing to create an Asian flavor that goes well any fare. We use this as a yummy dip for veggies or chips, and