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Julie’s Blog: What’s in Tow?
Thank you to my wonderful husband for his heart-felt, humorous and helpful blog yesterday. You can see why I married him!

I asked Andrew to write yesterday, not only because I was without internet, but because we're committed to
Julie’s Blog: Demystifying protein

Protein has been in the nutritional hot-seat for years.

Some believe in eating a diet almost entirely of protein, while others suggescutting out animal protein to reduce the risk of disease caused by saturated fat and
Pineapple-Mango Smoothie – As Seen on The Everyday Show

Mango is loaded with Vitamin C and potassium, and pineapple has healthy enzymes that help with digestion and inflammation. Both are deliciously sweet, so you don't need to add sweetener to this refreshing and filling smoothie. You