Eating Plants


Take a look at current dietary debates, and you’ll find that even with the differences, there  is a universal recommendation for disease-protection and improved health:

Eat More Plants.

Go into any doctor’s office and pick up a brochure from leading health organizations, and you’ll see they recommend more fruits and vegetables as a first-line of therapy. After nearly 14 years in practice, and hundreds of hours researching and reading, I firmly stand in the belief that not only are fruits and vegetables good for you, they can actually save your life.

As a Nutritionist, mom and athlete, I have days where eating enough produce presents a challenge. That’s why I recommend the whole-food based nutritional intervention found in JuicePlus+. Check it out for yourself and see how common sense + scientific research = positive health outcomes.




Countless families, including my own, have been helped by JuicePlus+ through The Children’s Health Study.  Data shows that kids are eating healthier and getting sick less often when they support a healthy diet with JuicePlus+. Check out the results:

In addition, one of the fastest growing food trends in the western world is eating local – whether that be buying from local farms, or even better, growing your own food. Check out how the Tower Garden by JuicePlus+ allows you to grow fruits and vegetables aeroponically in your own backyard with 10x the yield as soil gardens while only using 10% of the water at a fraction of the cost.


See this webinar with Tower Garden creator Tim Blank, hosted by Dr. Mitra Ray


If you’d like to get you and your family started on JuicePlus+ and/or the Tower Garden, please contact me at to set up a time to discuss the various programs.