About Julie

Julie Hammerstein, Certified Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Julie – nutritionist, mom, speaker, author and one of the country’s leading weight-loss experts.  I have helped thousands of people own their health by following a simple step-by-step plan that gets results. Through personal consultation and coaching, I have created a winning formula that gets people to think differently about health, so that they will act differently to build life-long healthy habits.

My mission is to address the confusion and anxiety about eating right, while balancing this with exercise and other habits that increase the probability of a healthy life. I teach people about their specific health requirements, while giving them the tools to make smarter choices, with more ease, for better results.

My motto is this, Small Change, Big Impact™.

“By making small intentional changes every day, you can take powerful steps to change your life with big impact results”.  This is the message I share in my coaching, keynotes, seminars and in my book, Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word: 14 Daily Lessons to Break Through Your “Fat Kid Mentality” and Keep the Weight Off for Life. I am also the Director of The Source for Weight Loss, a program rooted in personal development that teaches you how to love yourself, embrace your body, celebrate food and thrive in life!

My passion for family health inspired the creation of the educational and entertaining DVD series Max’s Minutes: The A-Z’s of Healthy Living which I produced with my son Max.  I am also the Nutrition Expert on Colorado’s Everyday Show, and was the Life-Coach for the TV documentary Fitting In, which aired on ABC Family in June 2008.   These programs are examples of my commitment to change as it relates to our country’s leading weight loss and obesity issues.

Why am I so passionate about helping others?  Because I grew up overweight, and was fortunate enough to find the resources, and the courage, to make a change. It was an amazing journey of personal growth, and the realization that it’s not about what shows up on the scale, but how we carry ourselves in the world!

I work in tandem with other health professionals, coaches, medical doctors, and fitness experts, providing each client with an integrated course of care that suits their needs. My popular Weight Loss Coaching programs provide the strategies, guidance and motivation needed to radically transform the mindset around healthy living, so that the action steps can become more seamless.

When you bring me in to speak to your group, or for individual mentoring, you’ll learn the strategies needed to live a full life with abundant health. It’s about creating a ‘culture’ – so that eating right, exercising and other healthy habits become who you are, not just what you do.  I am committed to creating this culture for you.

Professional Designations
Certified Nutritionist (CN)


American Health Science University – Certified Nutritionist License
University of Arizona – B.A. Journalism