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Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word: 14 Daily Lessons to Break Through Your “Fat Kid Mentality” and Keep the Weight Off For Life is a revolutionary approach that transforms your thoughts and radically shifts physiology so you can achieve a healthy weight and live the life you desire.

In Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word, you will learn to change your programming and retrain the brain to:

•Put an end to the Dieting Dance forever

•Crave foods that help you lose fat and gain energy

•Radically transform your relationship to food

•Enjoy exercise as part of your daily life

•Understand and honor your body

•Believe that you are meant to be fit, lean, and healthy


•Adopt these fourteen empowering lessons that rewire your brain to be fit.

You will find Julie’s system to be fun, inspiring, and simple to follow. Based on her powerful philosophy of Small Change, Big Impact™, in just two weeks, these daily lessons will change your thinking so that you can gracefully develop new habits that give you the long-term results you want.


If you’re stuck in an endless cycle of dieting, stop what you’re doing and read this book. Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word is a compassionate guide to understanding that you must change your mind before you can change your body.  And if you follow Julie’s advice, you’ll lose weight, and you’ll feel differently about food, fat and fighting the battle of the bulge.  When you feel differently, you’ll act differently, and losing weight becomes easy.

Beverly Kidd, KTVK-3TV News Anchor, Health Reporter, Host of “Weight Loss Wednesdays”

So much of what I teach and live by for personal success, Julie has included in this book.  Her message is profound, while her 14 Daily Lessons are effective and easy to implement.  After 16 years of working with some of the best in wellness, I still had “ah-ha” moments that have me thinking and acting differently around my own health journey.  I can’t wait to recommend this to my clients!

Kathrine Lee, International Speaker, Coach, & Author of “The Source”

Today’s society has created and fostered the proliferation of obesity. And while the get-thin-quick industry is failing, Julie Hammerstein hits the nail on the head with Fat Is Not A Four-Letter Word.  Julie harnesses the most powerful force available in the pursuit
of a wellness-centered life; the muscle between your ears. Simple and straightforward writing from personal experience makes this a valuable weight-loss resource at a time when we need it most.

Wade Perry, Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Wellness Seeker

I was FAT at age 3. I’m now a 55-year-old woman, morbidly obese, and my body is telling me “Beware!” I’ve mastered self-denial, and have created workable, reasonable justifications for my lifestyle. After all, “I am The FAT KID”.  Since reading Julie’s book, I’ve freed myself from this story.  I’ve learned that change does not start with what I’m eating, how I’m exercising, or what size I am.  Change starts with how I think about food and my body. For the first time ever, I’m actually IN my body. I listen to its needs and desires and no longer feel I’m depriving it.  I eat the foods I want with emotional and personal balance, and I’m still losing weight! This is a life-alerting change, and Julie’s book has been a huge part of this. Kudos, my dear friend!

Garnett Stewart, R.N.

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Max’s Minutes DVD

Max’s Minutes: The The A-Z’s of Healthy Living

Want To Learn The ‘Secrets’ To Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthy…And Like It?

Then you will love my 4-set DVD and Guidebook:

“Max’s Minutes – The A-Z’s of Healthy Living” – a 30-Day Guide Filled with Fun Facts and Easy How-To’s.

Join me and my son Max as we SHOW you that being healthy is as easy as learning the ABC’s.

You’ll get 3 discs featuring short videos with Healthy Tips for the Day.

Such as:

“A” for Always Eat Breakfast

“E” for Enjoy Movement,

“K” for Kids in the Kitchen

“M” for Mealtime Rituals.

The 4th disc contains a helpful Guidebook with recipes, meal ideas and other tools to easily integrate these Healthy Tips into your daily life.

My Small Change, Big Impact approach will inspire you as you see immediate results in your child’s eating habits, cravings and exercise patterns.


Julie puts her heart into everything she does because she cares about the most important gift we have next to our children – our health.   Max’s Minutes combines Julie’s great loves: her son and her passion to make us all healthier.  I have known and worked with Julie for years.  She wants for my son and your children what she wants for her son Max – health and health abundantly. That’s why she asks us all to take five minutes and focus on what really matters!  I love taking time out for Max’s Minutes, as I learn what Julie and Max know about eating right – no one does it better!

Stephanie Riggs, Former CBS News-anchor, producer “The Fitting In” TV show, author, mom

Throughout all of Max’s Minutes, Julie is calm and attentive with our kids. She makes healthy eating habits FUN and the learning is interactive through her engaging lessons. Julie and Max’s hands-on approach and “real life” nutritional solutions are a great foundation for our kids to follow for life!

Annie Foonberg, Creator of Real Mom TV Network, Inc., KMGH Ch. 7 “Mom Advocate”, mom

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much the kids and I appreciate your program Max’s Minutes. The tips are excellent and the benefits are invaluable. As a full time single dad I am always on the run. Too often I was taking the short cut and feeding my kids whatever was the quickest and easiest. Your program has changed all of that for me. I love how you present the information, and with Max involved, my kids find a connection. Keep up the good work and thank you for all that you have done for my family.

Bill McLeod, Creator of, host of “The Bill McLeod Radio Show, dad

My second grade class and I took a few minutes each day to watch Max’s Minutes, discuss what we learned and then write notes in a small “Healthy Me Journal”.  The kids loved Max and we always had lively conversations about healthy foods.  Healthy snacks have become the norm along with the discussions about whether their snacks are “Go, Slow or Whoa” foods. I will continue to have Max as part of my 2nd grade classes, and would highly recommend teachers use it in their class as well!

Leslie Jo Newhall, 2nd Grade teacher

We are having a great experience with Max’s Minutes. My girls are slowly learning that when they make an unhealthy choice they don’t feel well. As a mom, I love the program because it taught me that it’s not fair to feed my children fast food when I’m preparing myself a salad – we ALL need to understand the importance of a healthy diet. I need to teach them good eating habits now while they’re still young so that this is not a battle we’ll face when they’re teenagers. We love to watch Max’s Minutes and remind ourselves how important it is to have good fuel in our bodies.

Joyce White, Working mom and client

Finally a health system that’s easy to follow and gets results! Julie Hammerstein’s Max’s Minutes helped us realize how a Small Change really does create a Big Impact.

Lisa Jimenez M.Ed, Business Coach, speaker, author of “Conquer Fear!”

Our family loves Max’s Minutes! The concepts are quick, easy to follow and FUN! I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my kids’ willingness and interest in choosing healthier options. Julie and Max have introduced us to such a wide variety of healthy foods and activities, that it has made all the difference for our family.

Renée Augustine, Working mom

I sat down to watch one lesson of Max’s Minutes and ended up watching the entire set of DVDs. As a mom-to-be, I was extremely engaged in the content as it was simple and easy to understand. I can’t wait for the day when I get to watch the DVDs with my daughter!

Samantha Herlihy, Expecting mom

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