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For Better Health: Move Out of Fear and Into Inspired Action!
I heard a wonderful quote this weekend:

"Inaction is not only the RESULT, but the CAUSE of fear".

This really resonates with me, as I see this all
Recogize People with Simple Gestures!
In business, we talk about the importance of recognition.  Although most won't admit it, it is the single most popular motivator for people.

Think about it, when a player
Teaching Kids the Character in Giving
Character is More about Giving, Than Receiving

A few days ago, my son had his friend Ethan over to play.  As Ethan was leaving, he asked if he could
“Gentling Through”
Good Day Everyone!

A few years ago my mom sent me an article titled "Gentling Through".  It was written by a woman who made up the word "gentling" to