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What Do You Mean You Don’t Eat Meat?
I started eating a vegan diet on January 1st.

Okay meat-eaters, simmer down, I know this seems ludicrous to you. But keep reading...I know you're slightly curious.

The MaxLife 10-Day Spring Renewal Program

The 10-Day Spring Renewal Program is guaranteed to break down the barriers to health, by providing you with a PLAN that will improve the way you feel
Health Talk: The Four Nutrition Secrets That Could Help Save Your Life

Featuring: Susan Silberstein, Ph.D.

Founder/Director, Center for Advancement in Cancer Education
Author of the recipe book, Hungry for Health
Nationally-recognized lecturer on nutrition
Nutrition Tip: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Fruits and Veggies
“Eat your fruit, eat your veggies!”

Do you remember hearing this when you were growing up?

And now that you’re a parent, do you find yourself repeating the