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Julie’s Coaching Programs:


The Source for Weight Loss – 12-Week Audio Home-Study Program

The Source for Weight Loss is a weight-loss program rooted in a personal development system that teaches you how to love yourself, embrace your body, celebrate food and thrive in life! In this program you will learn to:

* Find freedom in CHOICE and give food less power
* Connect to SELF and find what really ‘feeds’ you
* Balance your hormones and SHIFT your physiology to burn fat
* Enjoy food and EAT for health and pleasure
* Commit to MOVEMENT for increased energy and renewed spirit

The Source for Weight Loss gives you a system for living that allows you to break free from old beliefs and limitations around food, exercise, your body and what it means to be healthy. In doing so, you will more readily follow through with healthy actions that are aligned with your health goals and core values.

This is not a food-focused program, although we support a plant-rich diet and offer science-based fundamentals around nutrition so that you can easily integrate healthy eating practices into your daily life.

This is also not about what shows up on the scale. This is about letting go of anything that is weighing you down ~ whether that be extra weight, negative thoughts, unhealthy relationships, or a loss of who you are and what you want for your life. In The Source for Weight Loss, we give you the compass-tools for reclaiming your path, so that you can make decisions around food and exercise from a deeper place, rather than out of Fear, Negative self-talk or Stress.

Let us help you live the life you were designed to live!


12-Week Audio Series is available ON-DEMAND NOW!


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REGISTER for The Source for Weight Loss On-Demand Audio Home-Study Program! The LIVE 12-Week Tele-Class will be available again in January 2014.


Weight-Loss Private Coaching Program

I’ve been coaching people on weight-loss for nearly 14 years, so I respect the trepidation you might be feeling as you consider yet another weight-loss program. I, too, have cycled through diets and finally freed myself of dieting and deprivation 20 years ago.

But you know what? I still have occasional negative thoughts about my body, I make choices around food that don’t always serve me, and, like you, I let stress, family, work and life get in the way of my commitments to exercise, sleep, drinking enough water, etc.  The beauty in all of this is that I’ve stayed at the same weight for nearly 20 years, I absolutely love my body, I crave healthy food, I savor incredible experiences like ice cream and red wine, and I’ve empowered thousands of people to change their thinking and their habits so that they can be free of dieting and start living their life.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s not about what shows up on the scale. It’s about learning what is right for you, and making Small Changes every day/week/month/year until being healthy and fit is just a part of who you are. If you’re interested in becoming this person, you can find a summary of my coaching program below. I’d also like to talk to see if we’re a fit, so please take advantage of my free 60-minute consultation to answer your questions and to get acquainted.  Please see below for contact information. You can also take a peek at the Testimonials to see how other people have experienced me and my program, and the profound shifts that took place in their lives.

In Summary, my Weight-Loss Private Coaching Program Includes:

12 Personalized Coaching Sessions

12 In-Depth Coaching Summaries with Detailed Action Steps

Customized Meal and Exercise Plan

Mind-Set Coaching to Transform Habits, Beliefs and Patterns

Email and phone communication as needed between visits for guidance and accountability.

Includes copy of my book Fat Is Not A Four-Letter Word


See What People Are Saying About This Program:

Working with Julie has profoundly changed how I think about my weight and being healthy.  I have learned that if I make a plan and commit to myself and honor one day at a time, weight loss is a given and not a far off goal. The “sugar holiday” was a huge step for me, but easy once I decided to go for it.  As is true in all parts of our lives, facing your fear is more than half the battle.  Julie was there to support and guide me so that I felt safe to take a chance. Small change, big impact results indeed! ~ D. Hanson – Lone Tree, CO


When I first contacted Julie I had just finished her book, and it felt like the entire book was written for me! I was exhausted from dancing the diet dance for years….. and having never reached my goals. First thing Julie told me was, “It can’t be about the weight”. Julie has taught me to love myself, no matter what the scale says. She has helped me to change my thought patterns to honor who I believe myself to be, and to make choices based on being congruent with those truths. I can see a future where I am free of the constant negative thoughts and self consciousness about my appearance….. knowing that what truly matters is not my size, but who I AM! Thank you, Julie!!!! ~ C. Wright – Brighton, CO


“I signed up for Julie’s 12-session program and was so pleased with the results!  I’m very active, but wanted to lose a stubborn 5 lbs. and eat more healthfully. I accomplished all of this, and Julie tailored her program to work with our children and my super athletic husband. Highlights included:

  • Teaching me a sensible, manageable approach to nutrition and food.
  • Shedding light on the emotional and historical aspects of food, and the ways I used food that have nothing to do with nutrition.
  • Looking at my resistance to change, but doing so in an encouraging way; no brow-beating  here!
  • Giving me new recipes and ideas for making ‘healthy’ food taste good
  • Offering a balanced approach so that I could be flexible and still enjoy some of the creature comforts I’d come to know and love.

This was such a good investment in my family and our healthy future!” ~ S. McHugh – Denver, CO


More Testimonials HERE

EMAIL me at juliehammertein@gmail.com or call 303-885-1818 for a complimentary interview and to learn more about the program and pricing options.


Healthy Habits Program with 10-Day Cleanse

This dynamic and transforming program is designed to clear your system of toxins that can accumulate over time as we expose our bodies to poor food and drink, medications, stress, stimulants, the environment and our own metabolism. The 10-Day cleanse is a guided process that allows you to ‘let go’ of foods that may not be serving you, as you embrace a whole-foods, plant-based diet over the course of 10 days. You will be eating food the entire time, and there is no fasting or required supplements. The visits and/or calls following the cleanse are designed to keep you on track as you start to integrate foods back in your diet, and transform your body and your thinking towards healthy choices for a lifetime. This can be done in small or large group settings, or through individual coaching.

The program includes:

1) FOUR One-Hour calls or in-person visits

·       Visit #1 – Start the Cleanse

·        Visit #2 – Mid-Cleanse Check in

·        Visit #3 – Complete the Cleanse and Set Goals around Five Healthy Habits.

·        Visit #4 – 2-week Check In

On the calls, I will coach you through an easy-to-follow dietary program for the 10-Day cleanse.  You will eat wholesome, plant-strong foods the entire time. You’ll receive meal Ideas, recipes and ongoing support and inspiration.

ADDITIONAL COACHING TOPICS on our calls will include:

·        Setting Your Intention, Examining Your Self-View, Aligning Core Values with Your Goals

Please EMAIL me at juliehammertein@gmail.com or call 303-885-1818 for a complimentary interview and to learn more about the program and pricing options.